Definition: Eco-Structuralism (i-ˈkō ˈstrək-chə-rə-ˌli-zəm)
n. In music, a technique for composition in which sound recordings, particularly field recordings, are analysed for underlying structures and patterns, whereby the analysis results, used in conjunction with a strict set of rules, become the constructs of the musical work.

To find out more about eco-structuralism, please feel free to browse the contents of this web site. It features a full overview of the compositional technique, the rules, musical examples, and publications on the topic.

Latest news:

14th of February 2010: The Basin Falls: A new musical work now online
Located in the Music link. Listen to The Basin Falls and tell me what you think. It is still in late draft stages.

1st of July 2009: Eco-Structural XML Schema
The Eco-Structural XML Schema has been published on the website and added as a main link on the left. Feel free to review it and tell me what you think.

1st of January 2009: Renovations
I have redesigned the site and added a lot more content - beware it is still under heavy construction and there are a few links not yet active